Pet Minding - Inner Auckland area (click for area map)

(Please NOTE: Sorry I do NOT offer DOG minding/boarding - stay at yours or at my property)


Cats, Bunnys, Chickens, Fish, Mice, Dogs (if they do NOT require someone to stay or visit longer than 60 minutes)

This also includes Puppy visits for bathroom breaks/playtime while not yet fully vaccinated or any puppy or dog recovering from surgery.

Visit and feed your pet/s with their own specific food and ensure water is available in your home at all times.

Monitor your pets health and well being.

Spending time cuddling, talking and brushing (if needed) your pets.

Collect mail, water plants, take bins out/in.

Clean any litter boxes etc that are required.

Take to your Vet if needed. I can work with you on any special requests or needs you may have.

Give medication when required


Paws 2 Pavement Walks - Inner Auckland

This service is for on-lead solo walks for paws on pavement nearby your home only.

Your dog will get plenty of exercise on lead while still being to sniff, feel fresh air on their face and do their business in the time requested.  30 minutes paws to pavement will give your pooch approximately 2kms of exercise.

Walks are done on both sunny and rainy days. (If conditions are potentially dangerous we endeavour to work around the weather conditions or may need to delay the walk)

If your dog is anxious, please contact me to discuss further.

**Due to an increase in reactive and/or aggressive dogs in parks, I no longer offer off lead walks.  This is for the protection to both your dog and myself walking :) **

Sick, Old or Unhealthy Pets?

If your pet is sick or old that need some extra special attention and some healing, I can offer Reiki healing to our loved pets.

For more information about Reiki healing is, click HERE.  If you are interested please mention this on the contact form. 

If you would like to book our services or make an enquiry, please click HERE

Meet and Greet


Pet Minding - 1 Feed a Day (up to 2 pets)


Pet Minding - 2 Feeds a Day (up to 2 pets)


Pet Minding - Extra Pets


Lots of cuddles and playtime


Administer Medications


Dog Walking/Puppy Visits - 15 minute (suburbs limited) - feed/toilet break/play


Puppy Visits - 20 minute (suburbs limited) - feed/toilet break/play


Dog Walking/Puppy Visits - 30 minutes (1-2 times a week)


Dog Walking/Puppy Visitis - 30 minute (3-4 walks a week)


Dog Walking/Puppy Visits - 30 minute (weekdays)


Pet Travel - vet visits etc


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Pet Minding 
Dog Walking - Paws 2 Pavement

**please note this doesn't include dog boarding or minding**


You can now make payments online for Pet Minding and Dog walking Services via Credit Card at Booking page.

Or you can request bank details/pay cash on day

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