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How to be 'Eco' with your pets

Pet owners can reduce, reuse, and recycle


There are simple things you can do, that are better for the environment.  Here's a list:

  • Reuse plastic grocery bags as pooper scoopers. Be a responsible pet owner and pick up after your pet.Choose a biodegradable cat litter or one that is made from recycled products.

  • Recycle as much packaging as you can or choose pet products with little or no packaging.

  • Reuse old fish tank water around your flower garden or to water your houseplants. Don't waste it by flushing it down the drain.

  • Reuse the old water from your pet's water bowl for your plants too.

  • Recycle old bath towels by donating them to a local animal shelter or rescue group.



About Me

I am not a trained Pet Psychologist, but I have known for a long time that I have a special connection with animals particularly house pets and they feel truly calm, safe and can trust me when I am around them.

Many of my clients pets who are afraid of most people feel completely at ease when I am around. 

I have always had my own pets choose me and those pets Ive met during my life were meant to meet me.  Its hard for some pets to feel safe in this world but they feel safe with me. There is a special bond I form with every pet I look after or live with.


All of my life I have had a passion for animals and they adore me. I grew up on a farm with many animals - 8 cats, 1 dog, 2 deer, 1 pig, many pet sheep, 1 possum, 1 beautiful horse and many more.

I have supported many charities in my life and a majority of them are for animals - Lonely Miaow, SPCA, WWF, ASPCA, Seeing Eye Dogs, and Australia Zoo etc.


I have started my own small rescue organisation after over 7 years experience fostering and being a rescue manager with other charities.  I have previously been involved in work experience at my local vet.

I am a qualified Veterinary Nursing assistant, have studied in Animal Management, Pet first aid, Animal Care Science, Dog Psychology & Training, Certificate in Dog Care, Certificate in Dog Walking.  I am currently studying  Impulse Control for dogs, and Ultimate K9 companion.


I own three beautiful furry children - 1 dog and 2 cats of which are all rescue pets! 


Meet Isabella, my beautiful sweet dog who I rescued. White Greyhound Staffy X and she just loves her life with me.  She has a few traumas in her past so has alot of anxiety but as long as she is with me she feels safe












Meet Charlie:  I rescued him as a kitten,                                          Meet Zeus:  Is the most  smoochy, cuddly

he was wild at the time however                                                      and friendly little guy.  He was a foster kitten,  

I tamed him and he became a                                                         but I had to adopt as my own.  

regular part of the family.











My previous furry kids were TP my 17 year old                       Harry was my adorable loving 20 year old cat who   adorable cat who unfortunately passed away in                      unfortunately recently went to the rainbow bridge in 

2011 in the USA while I was in NZ. The moment                     Sept 2018 due to a mass and heart murmur and just

I saw her when she was just 6 weeks old at the                      couldnt keep going :(.  I adopted him 2013, and he 

SPCA and could fit in to my hand, I knew she was                  just adored life with me and sunbathing by the pool

my little angel.











Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide high quality professional pet care available. Pet Whisperer provides incomparable personal service to the pets and their parents with 100% communication and satisfaction guaranteed.

Nothing brings me greater joy than the happiness, love and well-being of your pet

To make a difference in world by helping as many animals as possible on this earth. 




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