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Welcome to Pet Whisperer - Personalised Pet Minding Services!

Pet Minding and Puppy Visits Services:

As a loving pet owner, you worry about your pet's emotional and physical well-being when you’re not there. Finding someone you can and rely on and feel safe with your pet is really important.  They mean the world to you, they’re your best friend and they’re irreplaceable!

Whether you are going on holiday, busy at work or travelling for business, finding a pet minder is a great stress free alternative. Your pet(s) can enjoy the comforts of their safe environment, and you avoid the stresses of taking them to a cattery, which many dont cope well with. 


With your furry four legged children staying at home, it helps reduce your pet’s stress levels, while eliminating any risks emotionally and physically as a result of staying in a cattery.

I am an experienced and passionate pet owner myself.  I have created a personalised pet minding service devoted to meeting the individual needs of each client. Every pet is unique and have different needs so you can count on us being one of the most caring and trusted pet minding services available. I am devoted to compassionate pet care and dedicated to outstanding customer service. 

I have vast experience with timid cats and elderly cats who required that extra special care and attention.

For your pet’s happiness; we’re loving and caring, making sure your pet/s are happy and stress free at all times and you have the peace of mind knowing you will come home to a happy pet.


I currently care for pets living in Inner Auckland, New Zealand

**PLEASE NOTE - I no longer off dog minding/boarding/home stays - I only offer visits for toilet/feed & puppy visits for 15-30 minute periods**

Pet Minding Auckland
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